It’s almost like straight out of my head, except expressed with much greater clarity 😀

Time Tales

Great writers come forward in saying what they are reading : a book which has been seldom read, probably, the first batch of which has its few copies left in old sections of bookstores, to get their pages wrinkled and age and wither slowly and stealthily until they are no more, until the words in it are no more legible; and suddenly that posthumous read becomes a new best selling story, through the word of mouth of indirect recommendation. Only this time the word of mouth was only the first node of the tree. The rest were virtual word of mouths, media. So what he would say about this phenomenon, what would the dead writer have called this piece of life, if he was asked what happened suddenly. Why was he being read so furiously. He wouldn’t have said ‘life happened’. He couldn’t have possibly said that, because, well, he…

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