Letter to my thirteen-year-old self

Dear Amrita,

Remember that time last week you beamed with pride when someone said you are practically an adult? That’s great,but there’ll be enough time to be an adult later, be a teen now(Being an adult is over-rated anyway).

Did you throw away that poem you wrote yesterday- the one Mom laughed at, the “carrot-parrot” rhyme? Go get it from the bin, smooth out the paper and save it- there’ll be a day when a whole lot of people will tell you that your latest poem touched their hearts. Save it, so you can see that silly poems aren’t such a bad place to begin.

Let me tell you a secret. Parents aren’t really parents, they’re people like you and me. The next time you have a fight with them, sulk a while, then go make up with them- the way you would with your best friend or cousin. There’s another person in Mom and in Dad, one that’ll always be as old as you are- find that one, and you’ll be friends forever.

Don’t hide those tears next time they threaten to spill. Don’t run to the bathroom. One of the most difficult things you’ll need to learn is how to cry. And the sooner you learn the better. It won’t give away your weaknesses- it is the bravest thing you’ll ever do.

Don’t keep friends because everyone says you need to have a few. Get to know people. You’ll find them, the special ones, sometimes in the likely places and sometimes in the unlikely ones.

Don’t worry if you don’t know what your “thing” is- the one thing you’re meant for. Chances are, you won’t know that even when you’re an adult. Life’s about the journey- not just the destination. The places you stop at, the people whose lives you touch, that will matter more.

When it seems like things are bad- that fight in school, your weight, someone’s boyfriend, your lack of one- just remember. It’ll get worse. 😀 Okay, that was too pessimistic. Yes it’ll get worse, it’ll also get better. You’ll find battles worth fighting, and you’ll find your comrades.

Sometimes the worst enemy is your own mind. Know when your mind is playing games with you. Start making your own moves, and win.

You’ll be alright .