Full Stop.

Until a few years ago, I used to be very judgemental towards suicide. I think most of us are, at some point. No, I’m not insinuating a lack of sympathy for the victims- all I’m saying is that we tend to think, “I could never do that! It’s cowardly, escapist, not a solution”. Well, the “I could never do that” part is true for quite a number of people, because they’re made that way. It is equally true that some people are not made that way. As with most things, I stopped sneering at suicide the day it hit me that I wanted to end my own life- I hate judging myself, don’t you?

What I’m trying to focus on is the interpretation of events in light of the recent suicide of a student in my country. This isn’t the first time such a thing has happened. I’m still struggling to fully understand the intricate dynamics of caste issues in India- it is evident that there is a problem, a serious one at that, one that has existed for generations and needs to be acknowledged and dealt with. It is very important to impartially examine the circumstances of this death and charge the real culprits who instigated such an occurrence. However, what I’m somewhat apprehensive about is the way the incident is being tinged with the caste flavour, in an unhealthy way.

It seems that the agenda is dominated by what caste the deceased belonged to, rather than the fact that a promising young student was compelled to take his own life. Would we not have risen in protest had the victim not belonged to a socially disadvantaged group? A young mind and spirit has been lost forever, one of the thousands who are supposed to nurture India.  Forgive me for the use of the adjective ‘beautiful’ but there is no other way to describe Rohit’s last words, where it is made amply clear that this is beyond religion, caste and region. This is about us as individuals, rational, thinking minds, who dream of stardust and the Universe. This is about people who still believe in the goodness of human effort, and are trying their best not to lose faith in a civilization that has let them down far too often. It is about those who are trying to convince others not to divide themselves over boundaries created by some men. And those who have admitted defeat and joined forces with the blindness, in a bid to survive.

To those who will tell me that I really don’t understand, maybe I don’t. But then,  perhaps you don’t either. The discrimination you go through every moment is ugly, and I stand with you against it. But I implore you to realize that for every day that you hold on to an “us against them” attitude, there will be more deaths. On both ‘sides’. On only one side. Humanity.






4 thoughts on “Full Stop.”

  1. The differences between West and India are interesting. In the West, suicide is rational. People don’t commit it just because of a certain injustice. No one is compelled to commit suicide because suicide is a basic right.

    But if you suffer discrimination constantly, well, did that person really want to die?


    1. Well, suicide is a rational act everywhere, unless someone is mentally ill. Even when we say one is left with no choice- they are choosing to take their own life. What differs is the set of extreme circumstances that create such a scenario. Discrimination is a sad reality of all societies, be it the East or West. The only difference is that the “basis” (if one might call a baseless thing that) might differ. While your take on the difference in the suicide culture between India and the West is interesting, I dare say the “right” to commit suicide is not exercised in the latter case in a particularly positive state of affairs. I do agree with your last point that taking one’s life in face of persistent discrimination cannot be considered a ‘simple’ case of suicide, and as such those behind it are culpable.


      1. Mental illness is a perfectly rational reason to commit suicide. Suicide makes you stop suffering from it. Mental illness is not a distortion of reality but a part of your personal reality. It’ s silly to tell a person “Because of your inability to experience life like everyone else, your psychosis/depression, you must not kill yourself”.


      2. Accepted. I just wanted to give a world view of things. In my personal opinion, mental illness isn’t really an illness. Everyone is allowed to have their own reality, given that nothing is real. And everything is.


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