It’s funny how he was the one

With the addiction, and yet

I’m the one that has been left

In rehab. Every day they ask me

Questions- How did it happen?

When did it start? Are you fine?

Do you think-

It was him, I scream, not me,

It was he who had the problem

A problem that he chose, time and again,

over me. A problem that chose him,

Like a wand, blasting me aside

In a shower of sparks.

He’s the addict, and yet here I am,

Kicking, Screaming, Crying,

As they send electric surges of normalcy,

Through my nerves. I’m forgetting,

Slowly,steadily the records are blurring.

Maybe, maybe it was me.



5 thoughts on “Addiction”

  1. Hi there. I am a recovering addict and I just wanted to say, I remember feeling this way. The only difference is I didn’t go through rehab, I went to jail. Once I was released they I chose to go to a sober living house and I was required by probation to go through out patient treatment. I remember the feelings that I went through. You are not alone. I wrote a goodbye letter to my drug of choice. If you want to check it out it’s listed as “Goodbye Hero” on my page. Thanks for sharing this. It helps me in my recovery. It helps me remember that there was a time that things were worse than they are now. I am glad you have an outlet for your thoughts. I am excited to see what the rest of your blog posts are about. God Bless You! Much Love, Richelle


    1. You are so brave for continuing your fight. My writing is puny compared to the very real issues you’ve faced and conquered. Nonetheless I’m glad that this has helped you, in some small way. Much love, Amrita

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